Welcome to the Angel of love and light spiritualist church website

We opened the doors of the church on 23rd April 2007 and it’s 13 years the church has been up and running we have been growing from strength to strength,

The service is every Monday at 7:30 PM,

Doors open at 7:10 pm

Because of the nature of the service no admittance after 7:30

Healing service starts around 8:45 PM

We now meet at our new location at the Multi room, Coatbridge community centre

9 Old Monkland Road, Coatbridge

(on the grounds of St. Andrews school


Doors open at 7.10 pm

Contact us at mary@kirkwoodspiritualistchurch.org.uk or use the form in the contact page

Entrance fee is £2


Light a prayer candle

light A candle

Touch the candle to begin